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Our Mission
Provide fast acting and long lasting pain relief to our patients.*  We know our patients are suffering and it’s our mission to knock your pain out as quickly as possible so you can get back to the important stuff in life!*

Our Vision
Deliver cutting edge treatments in state-of-the-art facilities by the most highly trained board certified physicians in the state of Arizona. Novocur is proud to be one of the only accredited pain management organizations in the state of Arizona. (Accredited by AAAHC.)

Novocur strives for seamless coordination of your care with other top professionals in the community to take advantage of a superior multidisciplinary approach to your treatment.   

Our Values
Always treat our patients with respect and provide a concierge level of professionalism and treatment without the concierge price tag. Although routine medication refills and follow-up visits may be performed by a mid-level provider, your Novocur customized treatment plan and procedures will always be managed by a pain specialist doctor. Most pain management facilities cannot provide Novocur’s personal level of care. We believe you deserve the highest level of treatment every time you visit a Novocur facility. *Individual results may vary.

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*Medicaid not accepted