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Amniotic Allograft Injection

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How does it Work?

Amniotic tissue is an abundant source of collagen that provides an extracellular matrix to act as a natural scaffold for cellular attachment in the body. Collagen provides a structural tissue matrix that facilitates, among other things, cell migration and proliferation in living tissue. Novocur offers an amniotic product that was developed using a proprietary technique that morselizes the amnion tissue in an effort to preserve its structural properties in an injectable form. This ”micro-scaffold” created by the morselized tissue matrix includes the residual proteins, carbohydrates, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and other chemical compounds naturally present in amniotic fluid and tissue to provide a liquid tissue matrix that is derived from those components designed for rapid fetal growth and development.

In simple terms, all the natural proteins and growth factors from amniotic tissue and fluid that help to bring about rapid fetal development are preserved in a liquid form for injection into painful soft tissue or joints. The result is diminished inflammation, diminished pain and increased soft tissue repair and reconstruction.

Amniotic Allograft Injection

Amniotic Allograft Injectable

Supporting Soft Tissue Repair

Extracellular matrix composition of Collagens I, III, IV, V, VII and other structural proteins provides a natural scaffold to facilitate cellular adhesion while assisting cellular migration and proliferation.

Promote Soft Tissue Reconstruction

Growth factors found in amniotic tissue such as PDGF, VEGF, EGF, FGF and TGF-B promote cellular proliferation and new collagen formation and minimize scar tissue formation.

Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Interleukin-1 receptor antagonists (IL-1RA) and Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase (TIMP) 1, 2, 3, 4 proteins present in amniotic tissues suppress and modulate inflammation and pain.


Amniotic tissues have been described as immune-privileged because they rarely evoke an immune response in the human body.

Unsurpassed Safety and Quality

Novocur utilizes placental-derived allografts that are recovered from live, healthy donors that are pre-screened during pregnancy and chosen based on stringent donor selection criteria. Aseptic recovery of the tissue at childbirth as well as protocols and procedures that have been developed to meet or exceed all applicable industry standards describe Novocur’s commitment to your safety. Our tissue suppliers are registered with the FDA and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

Moral Tissue Donation – Enhancing Life through Live Birth

Of paramount concern to Novocur is that all amniotic tissue donations come from live births, where the mother has voluntarily donated her amniotic tissue and fluid from a planned C-section delivery. The mother is pre-screened prior to delivery and the tissue is screened using stringent tissue donor standards. There are no moral issues with Novocur’s Amniotic Allograft Injections.

Common Injuries or Syndromes Treated with Amniotic Tissue Injection

  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Inflamed Nerves
  • Muscle Tears
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Small, Medium and Large Joint Pain from Osteoarthritis
  • Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder Pain from Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Pain from Osteoarthritis
  • Neck or Back Pain from Facet Joint Osteoarthritis
  • Post-Surgical Pain

Call Novocur today to see if your insurance will cover Amniotic Allograft Injection Therapy!! Some qualifying insurance will pay at 100% for this procedure at Novocur. Our competitors commonly charge $5000 out-of-pocket, but Novocur’s billing experts help many patients find complete coverage, often with no out-of-pocket expense, as part of Novocur’s concierge level service.



Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC)

Amniotic allograft tissue provides wonderful growth factors for healing while BMAC provides the highest concentration and yield of Stem Cells.

Concentrated bone marrow aspirate (BMA) is a biologic concentrate derived from a patient’s own bone marrow. Concentrated BMA is high in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which are known to be critical in biological processes such as tissue regeneration and bone formation.

What Is the Composition of Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA)?

BMA is derived from a patient’s bone marrow. It contains a heterogeneous mix of stem and progenitor cells, platelets and white blood cells—each making their own contribution to the healing process.

The chart below outlines key components of iliac-crest-derived bone marrow.


Obtaining BMAC from a patient is relatively straight forward and painless during the procedure. It only takes a few minutes to aspirate the needed tissue and no incision or stitches are usually required.  Tenderness and/or bruising at the site of aspiration is common and may last for 7-14 days.

BMAC will be injected into the treatment site (Knee, shoulder, hip, etc.) immediately after obtaining the aspirate and may be mixed with amniotic tissue, if desired, to combine the best of both treatments into one super powerful injection that is loaded with all the factors your body needs to kick its own repair mechanisms into high gear.

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