Robotic Total Hip Replacement


After age 50 hip pain becomes more common and can limit the ability to perform normal physical activities, such as walking, bending down, and exercising. In the past, older hip replacement methods were consistently unsuccessful, because the human body rejected the artificial replacement parts.

Newer technology has facilitated the creation of replacement hip joints that are made out of non-irritating, synthetic materials. These ball-and-socket joints are comprised of metal and plastic materials that have been precisely engineered to precisely replicate the motions of a human hip joint, allowing for successful hip replacement surgeries and restoring patients’ ability to walk at a smooth, pain-free pace.*

Novocur employs micro-invasive and robotic surgical approaches designed to minimize pain, preserve soft-tissue, and dramatically shorten the length of patients’ post-surgical recovery period.*

The average procedural time for most Novocur hip surgeries is approximately 1-1.5 hours, and most patients require minimal (if any) narcotic pain medication after surgery, because with Novocur’s minimally invasive surgical techniques, Tylenol and Celebrex generally suffice for pain management.*

Direct Superior Total Hip Replacement

Novocur is excited to offer the absolute latest in hip replacement technology called the Direct Superior Total Hip Replacement. This technique is a micro-invasive approach that utilizes robotic assistance to achieve dramatic results with remarkable consistency.* Novocur is one of the only practices in the country to offer this muscle sparing procedure. This surgical technique minimizes soft tissue damage and shorten the recovery period considerable.*

The Direct Superior Approach at Novocur offers the following advantages:*

  • Patients walk earlier post-surgery, which reduces complications common with traditional hip replacement, such as blood clots and muscle weakness and fatigue
  • Occurrence of hip dislocation is reduced
  • Normal activities resumed much earlier
  • One small incision in the hip, which preserves muscle and other soft tissue from damage
  • Less pain and greater stability
  • Accurate implant positioning through robotic assistance
  • Less blood loss
  • Fewer complications during or after surgery
  • Surgery may be performed on an outpatient basis in a surgery center reducing hospital exposure


A single incision is made on the outside of the hip in the buttock region. The procedure is performed through this small incision with meticulous attention paid to preserve the musculature around the hip joint while the surgeon replaces the hip joint with the new artificial joint. After the implant is placed, Dr. Gough will repair the hip capsule and skin to facilitate proper healing and prevent dislocation of the hip.


Many patients are up and walking without assistive devices in as little as 4 hours and usually with minimal post-operative pain!* Sometimes patients will stay the night in the surgery center or hospital, but some are even released same day!*

Physical rehabilitation is still critical to proper recovery and Dr. Gough will work with your physical therapist to customize a specific treatment plan to get your range of motion and strength back to normal as quickly as possible.*

*Individual results may vary.