Spinal Cord Stimulators

Neurostimulation Therapy (Spinal Cord Stimulation) is a treatment method that can improve a patient’s quality of life through pain relief.* This type of therapy may be especially beneficial for patients who suffer with pain after an unsuccessful back surgery, patients who suffer with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) or patients who suffer from neuropathy.*

Neurostimulation works by stimulating the sensory portion of your spinal cord with pleasant tingling sensations that block the communication of pain signals to your brain.*

What is Neurostimulation?

The great thing about this technology is the doctors at Novocur can TEST the pain blocking effect on your specific pain without you having to make a long term commitment.* The Neurostimulation TEST also allows you to feel the “tingling” sensation generated by the neurostimulator.* Lastly, the TEST will help you decide if you want to proceed with a neurostimulation system “implant” for long-term therapy.*

The TEST procedure takes only 30-40 minutes in the Novocur Surgical Center. Temporary electrodes are placed over the back of the spine and a portable generator to stimulate the electrodes is worn exteriorly for several days. The procedure is performed with local sedation only; no conscious or general sedation is required! Patients go home shortly after the TEST and return a few days later to have the electrodes removed and discuss their results with the doctor.

If the patient decides to proceed with long-term therapy, then a permanent implant will be coordinated with a neurosurgeon.* The Neurosurgeon will implant a permanent generator, very similar in size and technology to a pacemaker, usually under the skin in the abdominal area. Also, more permanent electrodes are anchored in place to reduce the chance that the electrodes can migrate out of proper position with everyday activities.

*Individual results may vary.